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uCentral is Unbound Medicine’s app + web solution for healthcare institutions — delivering evidence-based answers to clinicians and students at the point of need.

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What is uCentral?

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Why uCentral?

  • Provide precise, actionable answers wherever they are needed
  • Support evidence-based patient care
  • Create an advanced learning environment for your mobile trainees

Trusted References

Content experts have evaluated the landscape of medical resources and created a curated a library of the most trusted and exclusive titles available. Select ones that fit your institution’s needs and combine with Unbound’s PRIME PubMed tool to lead users to the underlying evidence.

uCentral Content

Exploit Teachable Moments

Provide answers and support sound clinical decisions. Connect mobile users to full text from your institution’s journal collection.

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Your Content

Mobilize your institution’s content with uPub. Incorporate local guidance into training and practice.

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Mobile and Web Publishing Made Easy

With uPub, you can mobilize local resources such as:

  • Clinical Guidelines - from your local experts
  • Course Guides - syllabi, synopses, objectives
  • Rotation Guidelines - expectations, directories
  • Clinical Handbooks - protocols, quick reference
  • And much more...
local content

Unbound Tools

A suite of clinical tools has been developed to make uCentral even more valuable. These tools provide the ability for individualized self-assessment and learning, improvement in point-of-need decision-making, and much more.

Tools Calculators


Useful integrated clinical calculators

Tools Notes


Customize notes and highlight within entries

Prime Tools


Citations, abstracts, and full-text from medical journals

Tools Grasp


Personalized study and review system

Tools Glimpse


In-text information lookup tool

Evidence infographic

Promote Evidence-Based Practice

  • Reduce errors with built-in calculators
  • Reveal relevant literature through unique search optimization tools
  • Enhance learning with integrated study and review tools

uCentral is the only solution that combines trusted content with individualized tools and your institutional expertise to improve educational outcomes and patient care while advancing research.

uCentral has been a lifesaver in clinical. My preceptor asks questions that I can immediately answer. Lab references are helpful. Davis Drug Guide is straightforward and laid out well. The best medical app I’ve used so far!
Great app for obtaining an overview of many clinical problems. uCentral has been really useful during my first med school rotation and it seems it will be very useful for all of them. Information is accurate and up to date.
uCentral is great to have on consults for quick, on-the-fly reference as well as for searching Medline. Get it, and get a little more reliability in your clinical decision making.
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